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Bed-Check® Fall Management Solutions




STANLEY Healthcare’s Bed-Check solutions contribute to your fall management program with these key advantages:

Rapid, reliable detection.   The pressure-sensitive Sensormat® pad provides early indication of movement, unlike competitive pads that may not alarm until the individual has moved to an unsafe  position.

Cordless solution.  This innovative solution includes an easy to use monitor, cordless bed and chair sensor pads that reduce the risk of tripping, and a wireless transmitter to provide flexibility to locate the monitor inside or outside the room.

Reduce nuisance alarms.
Monitors provide for  flexibility in adjusting the volume or tone of alarms, and many may be integrated into nurse call systems to eliminate bedside alarms.

Intuitive and easy to use.  Once powered, the control unit is ready to monitor as soon as the individual is placed on the Sensormat pad; there is no On/Off button