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Stanley Healthcare M200 Fall Monitoring System.

From the Company that brought you Bed-Check and TABS.

Introduction and Stand-Out Features

The M200 Fall Monitoring System is STANLEY Healthcare’s newest and most advanced fall monitoring solution. With a sleek, durable design, the monitor can quickly and easily be configured to support your unique fall management program and to address the individual needs of each patient or resident.

• Two pads, one monitor. With the M200, you can connect two pads to a single monitor at the same time. Connect to a pad on a bed and another pad in a wheelchair or side chair. This capability eliminates the need to continually disconnect and reconnect pad cords—enhancing safety while saving caregivers time.
• Individual delay settings. Healthcare personnel care for patients and residents with individual needs and varying levels of activity. The M200 makes it easy to establish individual delay settings (choose a delay of 0, 1 or 2 seconds on each monitor). This may reduce false alarms and help avoid alarm fatigue among staff.
• Standard yet personal. Now there’s no need to purchase and maintain multiple solutions to meet the diverse needs of those in your care. With the M200, you can standardize on a single product—while configuring each monitor based on individual care plans.

Make It Your Own
The M200 Fall Monitoring System is like many solutions in one. Choose the configuration that best suits your program, staff and patients or residents:
• Multiple power sources. The M200 can operate on electric or battery power—enhancing mobility and protection for your patients or residents.
• System reset. Choose between auto-reset (where the local alert automatically stops once the patient or resident is back on the pad) or non-auto-reset (where a staff member is always required to check the patient/resident and reset the monitor).
• Tamper resistance. Choose between a tamper-resistant or easy-access cover over the monitor’s settings panel and battery compartment.
• Hold and Suspend modes. When there’s a need to move a patient or resident from one pad to another, the M200 offers two options to avoid triggering a false alarm. Choose the “Hold” mode for 30 seconds to complete the task, or “Suspend” for two minutes to make the move.
Because the M200 integrates with virtually any nurse call or e-call system, it can become an indispensable part of your fall management program.
• Highly configurable to enhance your fall management program in lowering fall rates
• Multiple alarm options support individualized care plans
• Improves safety while saving time for caregivers
• Allows healthcare professionals to be more proactive in reducing falls

• Audible alerts. Activate one of four pre-set audible alarms OR record an
individualized alarm for each patient or resident. Choose from “Low,”
“Medium” or “High” volume. Even integrate with a nurse-call system, such as
STANLEY Healthcare’s Arial® solution, to deliver silent alarms at the bedside.
• Visual alerts. Red, green and amber LED lighting provides visual confirmation
that an individual is actively being monitored.
• Mounting. The M200 makes it easy to mount the monitor where you need it: on
a wall, headboard, side chair, wheelchair or in a restroom.
• Accessories. STANLEY Healthcare offers an array of Sensormat® pads—including
bed, chair, toilet/commode and floor pads—as well as seatbelts to support your
efforts to reduce falls.

Because the M200 integrates with virtually any nurse call or e-call system, it can
become an indispensable part of your fall management program. The M200 gives
you a more powerful tool for enhancing the safety of your patients or residents.
Regulatory & Compliance

STANLEY Healthcare is committed to adhering to regulatory and compliance
requirements as well as improving the sustainability of our products. The M200
monitor is ETL listed to UL standards and meets requirements of the RoHS
Directive and other applicable US and EU standards.